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What sports suit my child?

Whether it’s dancing or swimming, football or karate, the positive effects of sport on young people is well established. You must still find the activity that best fits your child. Our advice here is to help you make the right choice.


The benefits of sport



  • 78% of boys aged 12 are physically active outside of school, against 68% for girls.
  • 40% of sports licenses are issued to people under 14 years, representing 6.4 million licenses.
  • 818,903: the number of young people under 14 years old doesn’t like football, the most popular sport in this age group are tennis and martial arts.

What sport for which child?

– For the timid: the collective or combat. Basketball, handball, volleyball and football will suit them because they will not be alone on the front of the stage. Conversely, combat sports surely help them overcome their shyness.

– For unruly: physical commitment. Martial arts such as judo or taekwondo, and combat sports such as boxing and wrestling, will channel their energy in the respect of rules and their opponents.

– For the self: an individual sport. The fencing, swimming, athletics, gymnastics or riding should suit them. These disciplines combine precision and tactical sense.

At what age to start?

There is no absolute rule on this matter. The important thing is to listen to the child and to respect the balance. In primary school, students often play sports during breaks, in addition to exercise classes. We must therefore take account of these activities even if they seem trivial. “The important thing is not the number of hours of practice in the week, but the way they manage and experience it, says Michael Binder. If the child spends ten hours weekly playing sports without worry and with a smile, great.. ”

The places where to practice … are endless!

Green spaces in school through clubs and sports associations are possible solutions. Outdoor activities are also recommended to help children discover the world as well as improve health. A family walk in the park for several hours, it also matters. The important thing is to move. Help your children think that cycling, skateboarding and rollerblades are also travel not only riding cars.

Direction goals!

If your child has energy to spare, football suits him/her perfectly. Provided nevertheless, he appreciates the team spirit.

  What it brings to my child

Weight of the ball, plot size, scope for replacing players … Everything fits depending on the age of your children. By practicing this sport, your child develops team spirit, tactical play, skill and endurance. He also learns to respect the rules and the decisions of the referee.


Long jump, hurdles, relays, shot put … The list of disciplines that are included in athletics is long. With this sport, your child does not get bored.

  What it brings to my child

Girl on track

Athletics above all allows oxygenate. It increases the breath and stamina while developing muscles. Will and humility are also scheduled. If your child is in a good discipline, it will not be difficult to be successful in all others. The competitions are then an excellent engine for progress.

Budding riders

Your toddler is quiet and reserved? Riding addresses him. The animal can help to open up to other children while being an accomplice and cuddly playmate.

  What it brings to my child

A horse is up and ride it requires a lot of courage. Before making any obstacle jumps, it is still necessary whether to uphold and say no to the horse. Riding therefore teaches the child to be assertive and take-confidence. He must also feed, brush, and short handle the animal. This empowers and inculcates the notion of respect. This kind of sports also teaches your child to love animals and get to be responsible.

A little work before Wimbledon

For children who have a competitive spirit, tennis is the most appropriate sport. It also teaches humility. Even tennis is usually played single, but it still improves the team spirit in every games.

  What it brings to my child

Tennis develops self-confidence, the ability to anticipate and good control of both physical and moral. This sport increases concentration and breath. But be careful, tennis strengthens significantly the muscles and strained joints. Also, if your child wants to play with more ease, badminton can be a very good alternative.

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