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What Should You Know When Using a Weed Eater

Weed Eater has a wide range of engine types, size, power, cutting heads and a number of different functions.

When using a weed eater, the first thing is that you should consider the best weed eater that suits your specific needs, such as how long have you weed, how long you need every time and how much power you want for the job.

Type of weed eater


Electric vs. gas Engines

Weed Eaters have two basic types of engine: electric or gas model. The gas model weed eaters use a two-stroke engine that uses a gas that is mixed with oil. The electric models provide a cord or battery-powered option. Both options will use electricity from your home. Electric weed eaters produce less noise, emit less harmful emissions and usually weigh less than the gas options. Gas engines can cut in more versatile way and generally are more powerful than the electric models.

Cutting Head Types

Types of cutting head also have a huge difference in Weed Eater. The standard self-feeding system allows you to perform the more line when you tap the head on the ground. This lets you line forward when needed. The other option is a basic automatic feeding system that only advances the line when it begins to break down, so you always extend over the line. Some models have a head that will turn to an upright position so that you can edge along your curbs or sidewalks.

Straight or curved axles

Weed Eater offers two styles of axles: curved or straight. The type of axis depends on what kind of trim you what to do. Tight spaces will be easier to use around with a curved shaft, and a long, straight pieces will be easier to use with a straight shaft. The option of axis represents mainly personal preference what you think of the most comfortable to use.

The second thing is that what ratio of blend oil & gas when using a weed eater

The second thing is that what ratio of blend oil & gas when using a weed eater

Current Common Ratio

For example, the 2011 model Weed Eater FL20 operates on unleaded petrol, oil added at a ratio of 40: 1. The manufacturer recommends the Poulan Weed Eater you achieve the 40: 1 ratio by adding 3.2 g of oil in a liter of unleaded petrol. It requires a good quality of two-cycle air-cooled engine oil.

Instructions for earlier brands of weed eater give two ratios of Poulan Weed Eater: a mixed for a 16: 1 gas / oil mix (1 liter to 8 grams or half a pint) and the other for a 32: 1 mix (2 gallons to one-half pint). The instructions warn that a 32: 1 mix must be accompanied by the stipulated name-brand oil, but the 16: 1 mix can be any unleaded petrol and every good degree of air-cooled two-stroke engine oil.

Mixing Instructions

The proper ratio is important because too much oil will pollute the spark plugs, and the engine will be put at risk of overheating and seizing. You should never mix the oil and petrol in the tank; they are not easy to mix and require lots of stirring and shaking. You also may comprise ethanol or alcohol when using premium gasoline or gas. This endangers the carburetor and engine overheating. The mixing method is done by pouring half gallon of gas in a container, adding the required oil, which it tightly and shake to mix for one minute. Add the other half liter and shake again.


Weed Eater recommends mixing and pouring the fuel out, keeping it away from sparks or flames and the use of an approved container. It also suggests moving at least 10 meters from where the fuel supply has occurred before the start of the engine.

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