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Skinny fat: Sleek and yet are overweight

When one speaks of obesity is usually referred to obesity or fatness. People who (much) too fat, overweight. That speaks for itself. But it could also be that someone who is slim and has a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index), suffer from obesity. This is skinny or fat Tofi (Thin Outside, Fat Inside) said. The person who suffers from this form of obesity looks slim and has a normal build. Nevertheless, this type of obesity is even more dangerous than the excess weight that is visible in humans. What are the health risks for a skinny fat person? How do you know if you’re a Tofi? And what can you do to limit the health risks?


Metabolically Obese Normal Weight (MONW)

The medical name for the phenomenon skinny or fat Tofi says metabolically Obese Normal Weight (MONW), in other words, a person has a normal body weight, but metabolically considering there is obesity. Skinny dude has too much fat and little muscle mass. The difference between obesity as most people know is that in which people see on the outside is that they are overweight, the fat (also) plane is collected under the skin. It can be seen that there is something wrong with their bodies, which they may decide to take action. By Tofi’s nothing to see on the outside, because the fat is not level is stored under the skin, but they have to deal with visceral fat, fat is in the abdomen between the organs. And this type of fat is much more dangerous. This combined with the fact that they do not see that they are at risk, the health risks for Tofi is great.

How do you know if you’re skinny fat?

This is difficult since it is on the outside is hardly or not. What could be a signal, is that the stomach is in proportion with the rest of the body on the large side. To your BMI, you can not read it. Nor to your body fat percentage. It is not so much the percentage of body fat you have, but where your body fat is stored. Where your fat stores, can only be seen on an MRI scan. Also, there is an insulin response test can be decreased. The blood sugar and insulin level are measured first on an empty stomach. Next, 75 grams of glucose drink and after two hours is measured again to the level of the blood sugar and insulin. The glucose level may two hours after ingestion of the glucose is not more than 120 mg / dl. When this value is higher than 140 mg / dL, there is diabetes type 2. Other tests can identify whether there is metabolically Obese Normal Weight are:


  • Blood pressure: Normal value is about 120/80
  • Good cholesterol / HDL: Normal value is higher than 60 mg / dL
  • Blood sugar / glucose: Normal value on an empty stomach is less than 90 mg / dl
  • Triglyceride: Normal value is less than 100 mg / dl

Deviations in these values indicate that there may be MONW.

The health risks of Tofi

Fat tissue in the abdominal cavity is very active. The tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is issued an inflammatory factor. Also, there are enzymes in this type of fat that have the influence on the conversion of cortisol to cortisone. When cortisol and TNF increase in the blood, the development of insulin resistant syndrome and of the metabolic syndrome is promoted. In a more advanced stage, this even leads to diabetes type 2. The amount of active adipose tissue in the abdominal cavity determines the degree of metabolic processes that take place and these metabolic processes lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

American research into skinny fat

Approximately 68% of Americans suffer from diabetes, the phase between pre-diabetes and diabetes type 2. One in four slim people in America suffer from pre-diabetes and suffer from metabolically obese Normal Weight. The results of this study are published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. If you suffer from MONW and you have diabetes, then chances as much as twice bigger you dies with it, then if you have diabetes in combination with visibly overweight. Slim young people has 37% signs that may indicate pre-diabetes, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and high blood sugar. Skinny fat is proportional so very common.


What can you do if you’re skinny fat?

If you’re skinny fat, there are three things you need to address to reduce it, namely:

  • your diet
  • workout
  • adequate sleep


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