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Microsoft Spider Solitaire, a widely played mind sport on PC

 Microsoft Spider Solitaire card game has a somewhat dusty image, not many people will play this mind sport as their favorite game. Yet in 2005, Spider Solitaire became the most popular game on a Windows PC. Spider Solitaire starts quickly, and the game does not last long. In many offices and workplaces, this game is used as entertainment. The game contains three levels; beginner, intermediate and expert. If the player has shaped eight sets of king to ace, they win the game.

Probably it is also the most “clicked away” game. If the employer or colleagues walk a bit too fast into the office and playing Solitaire employee who feels like they are going to be caught can reach for the mouse to remove the game quickly on the screen. That always brings back cute moments! Even at home or on the train a game of Spider Solitaire is often a perfect time-consuming choice. The game is available as a standard with Windows, except for Windows 8, in which Spider Solitaire version must be downloaded from the Windows Store.

The game rules

Almost everyone knows the rules of this game, because they are very simple. It is the intention that are formed of complete series of King to Ace. A complete line will disappear from the playing area to the bottom left corner. Total 8 series should be made, which is why the game is called Spider. If eight series are formed, the player wins the game. Levels There are three levels; beginner, intermediate and expert. In the English version called this easy, medium and difficult. At the easiest level, there are all spades in cards. At the advanced level should be formed sets of hearts and spades, and expert level is in terms of diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades.

The playing field

At the start, it spreads over 10 stacks (also called columns) and all 54 cards are ready. There are 4 stacks of 6 cards and 6 piles of 5 cards. On each stack is the top card face up. Bottom right are another five piles of 10 cards ready to hand out which the player can get at any time, a condition here is that the ten stacks must be filled in the playground with at least one card. One begins to play the game by moving a card such as a 3 to another card where they can be placed under, which is obviously a 4. At the place where just the 3 is removed, the next card which is under the map automatically appear, if that card happens to be a 5 we can just create a line from 5 to 3. The joint move series is done by clicking on the top card and then dragging the series, eventually complete sequences from king to ace made this way.

Points Award

At the beginning of the game the player gets 500 points, each complete set of scores gets 100 points, but each displacement map (dragging a map to the desired location) takes a point. The less cards the player has moved during the making of all ranges, the higher the final score will be.

Suggestions to undo last moves in Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire can make a suggestion, which is useful when the player no longer sees opportunities to move and lay a card. If it appears that no options are displayed via the M key then is a sign that the game is probably over and the player did not win the game. However, there is still an opportunity to pursue success through the reversal of the last movement (Ctrl-Z) to “go back” in the game.

Additional rules for higher levels

For the higher levels (intermediate and expert), an eight hearts over time should be placed under a spade nine, but this set of two different “colors” can not be moved together. The advanced and expert levels are more difficult to play out completely then the easiest level (beginner).

The main keyboard shortcuts

  • F1: Help and game manual
  • F2: start a new game
  • F3: Set difficulty; beginner, intermediate or expert
  • F4: statistics, including the number of games won and lost
  • D: new stack of cards handing the stack right (this is also possible with a mouse click)
  • M: a new possible option shows for moving a card (in newer versions of Spider Solitaire is this H)
  • Ctrl-Z: is the last card movement, this step can be repeated several times, each time this option is used it takes a point


Not every game can be won, but a number of strategies can help to win the game:

  • Try to put in all the columns many cards as possible in good order, although it may not immediately complete a full series, it will turn positive later
  • Try quickly to clear a column, this empty column can then be used to turn off temporary cards that block completing a series in another column, however, that no new stack can be distributed during the presence of empty columns
  • If the option exists, for example, to move two cards with 4, choose the card with a 4 which is the thinnest stack, so quickly creates an empty column
  • Do not share too quickly a new stack, the game is completely “locked” when too many cards dealt block all opportunities, and that one desired card with seven located somewhere deep underneath a pile
  • Try not to press the M or H button, learn to think yourself without help to always be better at making combinations, this also applies to the Ctrl-Z key, also use it not too often, or even better, not at all

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