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Lose weight by walking or running: which is better?

Lose weight by running or walking: both help to burn calories, but it is both equally? Lose weight by running and losing weight by walking both have their advantages and disadvantages. With running, you use per hour more energy, which will help you lose weight faster. But calorie consumption per kilometer is almost equal to running and walking. Upon walking will lose weight more slowly than running, but by walking faster and further you can compensate for this. You can also burn extra calories to use the rest of your body by as Nordic walking.


Losing weight is a matter of burning more calories than you take food to you. Put only involves exercise more and eat less. This move can be made in different ways. Two standard methods to lose weight by walking and lose weight by running. The question which of these two works best, can not be answered so quickly. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of running and walking are discussed in losing weight.

Burn more calories with running

Lose weight by running is faster than walking because you burn more calories per hour. That makes sense, because when running you have to exert more muscles than walking. And you ask more of your heart and lungs. With walking (5 kilometers per hour) using a 70 to 80 kg about 300 calories per hour, while if the same person is running (10 mph) are burned 800 calories per hour. Used at the same time you have approximately 2.5 times as much energy to run compared to walking. Running is also quite effective in losing weight.

Many calories burned by walking and running

It is often said that you consume by walking and running as many calories. How is that possible? If that is not here said about the calories per hour, but the calories per kilometer. If you go 5-kilometer run, consumption can walk as much energy as 5 kilometers; just do the walk about twice as long. This is not all, because the faster you walk or run, the more calories you consume per kilometer. But the differences are quite small.

The heart rate for optimal fat burning

When you burn calories, exert your body. These can be taken from sugars or fat. It is dependent upon the intensity of the exercise. The more the distribution is in sugars and fat. As you exercise intensively, you go about burn more sugars and more fat. How hard you are exercising can be measured by observing the heart rate. The heart rate for maximum fat loss is between 60 and 70% of your maximum heart rate. Are you going to move more intensive than you burn in absolute numbers have more fat, but the difference is minuscule. Because you’re asking more of your body is a good chance that you’re less long last. This argues for (firm) walking or running at a slow pace instead of operating at a high rate.


Additional lose weight running through muscle

One of the reasons why you will lose weight faster than running with walking is that you build muscles faster. The energy you use is mainly prompted by your muscles. And goes in our body, the more muscle, the more calorie burning. With running, you’re in that sense redundant to lose weight: you used at the time of running more energy than when you walk or sit, but on top of that culture you also happen muscles, which will provide extra calories in the future! And there are more reasons why running is good for you.

By walking, you make course muscles and burn calories at the same time. But because your muscles by walking taxed much less than with running, the impact is much smaller.

Lose weight by walking

There is also much to be said for losing weight by walking instead of running. When you start running, is 20 or 30 minutes often a significant challenge, while for most people is not a problem for untrained to walk an hour or even two hours. And with two hours walking you burn significantly more calories than running half an hour.

This is also true in the long term. By training with running, you may extend the total time for an hour or maybe one and a half hours. But when you practice walking in, it’s probably not a problem in time to walk one behind the other 3 or 4 hours. If you have enough time to do, you can walk with a total of burning more calories (and lose weight faster) than running.

Another benefit of walking is that it is quite useful when it comes to losing weight, while not asking a lot of your body. Your muscles, joints, lungs, and heart to be put to work, but no extreme performance is required. This makes losing weight by walking very suitable for (light) injuries or elderly people who want to lose weight.

Rapidly lose weight by walking

If you choose to lose weight by walking instead of running, you should keep in mind that it takes a relatively long time. Fortunately, there are several ways through which you can accelerate weight loss by walking:

  • More frequently or longer distances walk
  • Faster walking, so you burn more calories per hour.
  • While walking, move your arms, for example by using Nordic walking sticks. As you use more muscles, you have extra calorie consumption
  • Walking tune in food and drink. Walking just after or even during the food is extra useful. It also provides more walking if you make sure you drink enough water
  • You can also lose weight by walking very well combined with a diet that provides a lower calorie intake. Think of a low-carb diet or lose weight by joining Weight Watchers.


Calorie consumption by walking and running

ActivityCalories per hourCalories per kilometer
Slowly walk (3 km / h)20065
Regular walking (5 km / h)30060
Brisk walking (6 km / h)35060
Nordic walking (6km / h)40065
fast walking (8 km / h)65080
Nordic walking (8 km / h)70090
Running / jogging (8 km / h)70090
Running (10 km / h)80080
Running (12 km / h)90075
Running (14 km / h)100070
Running, stairs1200

Based on an average estimated energy consumption of a person of 70-80 kilo.

Of course, there are other ways of exercise and sports, which can help with weight loss. If you want to lose weight, it is useful also to know their calorie consumption.

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