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How to attach a door jamb?

You feel it lacks a little something to your door? Look no further, this is a door jamb. This decorative wood trim embellished with the joining between the door frame and the wall.

Necessary material:

  • – Three dormant door frames;
  • – A pencil ;
  • – A miter box;
  • – A saw;
  • – A man’s head nails;
  • – A hammer;
  • – The pulpwood;
  • – A metal spatula;
  • – The fine-grained sandpaper;
  • – A nail;
  • -A drill

Step 1: Measure


Start by measuring the height and width of your door.

Determine the margin

Saw three parts to count a margin. The safest way to do that is to have them in place and mark the exact length by pencil.

Trace the inside edge of the frames 5 to 10 mm from the edge of the door frame. This is the necessary margin so that you can easily open and close the door.

To draw the margin, draw two points on the upper and lower edges of the door opening, as well as left and right. Then draw a line with an amount. The lines should cross the corners. You will get angles.

From a visual point of view, it is important that the margin has the same width with three sides.

Step 2: Cutting

Refer to the measurements obtained previously for the three built dormant cutting your door frame.

Attention, it is important to leave margins:

– For both amounts for the sides of the door, add 10 cm to the height of the door;

– The cross that will go over the door, add 20 cm to the width of the door.

A miter box you will be greatly helpful for this step.

Step 3: Mounting the left frame


Set the amount left about 5-10 mm away from the edge of the door frame. It is important to leave room for that amount. if you stick to the door, it may become difficult to open.

For your door jamb, it is more aesthetic, we advise you to keep the same margin for each frame.

  • Keep the amount in place with one hand.
  • Take a pencil in your other hand on the frame and draw a diagonal line of 45 ° from the point of the angle between the post and the crossbar of the frame before recovering.
  • Place the rack on your workbench.
  • Arm yourself with a saw and cut it on the line just drawn. Saw on the line the frame using a miter saw. Respect the cutting obliquely
  • Take the amount and fix it for good with a few nails.

Step 4: the upper frame

Consider the margin given to the frame on the left and saw the higher amount obliquely so that it can be fitted with the amount left.

When done, use the tips to temporarily prevent the amount from falling. It must stay in this position only for a few minutes so better avoid over drive nails.

You can now draw a line to represent the oblique angle that you’re going to saw the right side of the frame.

Saw off obliquely upper frame as you did for the left frame.

Also check that the angles are assembled correctly.

Hold the upper frame up and specify where you saw it in a straight line.

Step 5: the right frame

Position the right frame and make a mark on the area be about to be cut. It should be left the same margin as that given for the other two frames.

Keep right up frame and draw a line to where it should be sawn. Consider the margin.

Nail this frame also needs to leave a little space. Thus, you can still drag and adjust its position before fixing it permanently.

When finished cutting, temporarily hold the amount with spikes. Again, do not press too hard on the hammer.

Step 6: Set the door frame permanently

Check that the upper frame is in place and nailed permanently.

Do the same with the side frames.

Drive nails deep into the wood with a nail set.

Step 7: finishes

See if the amount of the above is well placed. If so, definitely nail it. Otherwise, use a nail and try again.

There may be cracks in nails or cutouts. Recap the timber holes with wood filler.

The paint of the wood depends on your taste, finally

Tip: To ensure that the door frame is securely fastened, grab a drill. Make a hole in the tabs between the top frame and the two side frames. Fill each hole with a little wood glue before driving a nail inside.


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