11 tips and tricks to make your patio attractive


  1. Tips to plan a patio


The easiest patio to make and maintain, it is one that is made of paving stones or bricks. On the sand and assembled without mortar, these materials can pass through the freezing and thawing without cracking. Slabs lying directly on a bed of soil or well-tamped sand also form a nice patio, more natural look since it allows the growth of ground cover or foam between the joints. Plan your patio along with the rest of the landscaping.

  1. How will you use? How much space do you need?


Experts recommend a minimum of 25 square feet of terrace per person and a minimum length of 16 feet. Then ask yourself how you will use the patio. Want to install a barbecue? Sun loungers?  Planters?

First, decide the uses we intend to reserve the patio and other parts of the court. This determines the minimum size to be given to the terrace and its location.

The space that will mainly be used for dining or just for rest? Do we want it to be in the sun or in the shade? Do you usually take pleasure in regularly receive a host of friends and relatives? Would you rather enjoy a little hideaway “secret”?

If a large number of uses are planned, it is better to divide the patio into sub-areas arranged on multiple levels rather than build a huge patio in one piece. However, the threshold slope soil must allow such a facility.

  1. Add pretty curves to your patio

Use a garden hose to draw a curve or an irregular shape. Place the pipe on the ground and adjust it the shape of your patio.


  1. Tips to design a patio

A terrace is conceived like a patio. The first thing to do is to explore your property. Stroll around and assess which would be the best location. Consider the sunshine and shade you want to have on the terrace, not to mention the desired level of privacy. Whatever the chosen location, it should be easily accessible from the house, especially the kitchen, if you plan to eat on the terrace.

  1. Draw up a detailed plan of your deck

The artistic quality of your design matters, but it should include as much detail as possible. Think of the special features that you would like, as built-in seating, planters or barbecue. Take note all the obstacles like a slope or a tree.

  1. Make your terrace an approved plan

Make sure to follow the zoning regulations and make your plans be approved by the Building Department, which may require you to obtain a permit before starting planning your terrace.

  1. Set up an outdoor kitchen


Build an outdoor kitchen is a big project, but most people can do. Expect heavy lifting and consider hiring a contractor to perform skilled tasks, such as the connection of natural gas appliances.

  1. Guide is the key

A good orientation is a very important part of planning your project. Whether you live in the northeast or southwest because all the houses absorb heat during the day and radiate the late afternoon and early evening. In seeking where to install your outdoor kitchen, consider the wall facing north and not the sunny walls from the south or west. You have to place the seats so that diners are not blinded by the setting sun. If you live where the wind is a problem, consider installing a windbreak or adding trees.

  1. Visit the Building Department for your outdoor kitchen

You will need a permit to build your outdoor kitchen. From the beginning, it would be wise to go to the building department and service to meet an inspector. Remember that since you will sink, you will need a plumber to install a line from the house. The sockets on the counter as well as the fridge and natural gas may require the services of a qualified electrician.

  1. Build a bar


Adding a bar to your deck or patio is a pleasant way to increase the value of your home while reducing the back-and-forth between the kitchen and outside. Imagine the style and the look you want for your bar. Do you want a quiet or sophisticated place? Do you find more exciting to recreate the atmosphere of your favorite resort? How about a bar with Tiki Hawaiian style or Disney inspiration?

  1. An outdoor bar with or without water?

You must choose whether there will be running water in your bar (with or without sink). Another important consideration is how you will keep cold things. You can add a single refrigeration unit, or more like a wine cooler or beer barrel or even an ice machine.


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